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Is your house making you sick?

'We have noticed the following since the land healing: " More uplifted " Have had more energy " My husband has had pain in his right arm for 10 months….it's gone now " We both sleep better' Mollie, USA

Are you surrounded by Emotional Turmoil in your house?

'To say that the changes have been remarkable would be an understatement. Previously our house was a very tense place to be, full of unexplained conflict and few feelings of harmony. I am thrilled to tell you the conflict has just dissolved away, our home is full of a peaceful vibration that is so different to how it was previously. All of the relationships in the house have improved and we are all looking forward to such a positive future. Saying thank you doesn't seem to convey how grateful I am.' Lisa, QLD Australia

Are you looking to improve your Investment Prospects?

'The Villa has cost us for the last 2 years with very limited rentals….we now have a 2 year rental…(they have paid 3 months in advance). Thank you so much for the healing you have done. I feel so much of our financial stuff has now had a turn around.' Barbara, Turkey

Or perhaps your Business was working really well and when you expanded and moved to new premises, everything suddenly started to go downhill?

'The change after the land clearing was astounding; Jobs rolled into our home business 3 times more than before, tardy clients paid us yay!' Jeanette, TAS Australia

Do you have a property that you would like to sell or has been difficult to sell?

'As my house didn't sell… of my co workers in the office told me to send my house plans to an "earth whisperer". As I had nothing to loose and everything to gain, I went ahead with it…….my husband thought it was mad. Nine days and two Inspections later, the house was under contract. Thanks Maggie, now I can move on with my life!' Lucy, QLD Australia

Have you ever had a bad feeling when you walked into a house/building?

Many times when I've looked at properties I have a feeling about it but can't always explain what it is. Why does the block still not feel good? Or why aren't things running smoothly? Maybe because a negative ley line is running right across the front of the property blocking anything positive from coming in or because there is water beneath the block making it feel depressive. These are just 2 of many different scenarios the earth presents to us. I have had 3 readings now with Maggie…..I am thrilled that I can do something about the health of the Earth which also benefits me because I am living on it. It's a win win situation and for a small outlay you absolutely without a doubt will prosper from this sort of information. Julie, NSW Australia

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